Bank Loans

After the meeting held in December last year, some decisions were made indicating that SMEs are important for the markets. These decisions included the state’s various support activities for enterprises.

Following the meeting held by the Economic Coordination Board, it was announced that SMEs will be offered a loan under the name of Fresh Loan with the support of BOBBY and FGK. We have provided a comprehensive review of the Fresh Credit Banks and who can benefit from the features of this type of credit.

Finance Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Bobby Bank and signed a protocol on behalf of Savemoney Bank able to meet the cash needs of SMEs. As it can easily be understood from the name of this loan, Fresh Loan is a credit product that aims to allow SMEs to Freshe comfortably in order to open their way in the market when they need cash.

When the characteristics of the loan in terms of SMEs are examined, it is an advantage to use the loan amount determined for a period of one year at a lower annual cost rate and to provide the required financing with low interest rates.

3 Fresh Loan Banks

The main purpose of providing Fresh Loan as financing is to increase the production in the country and prevent the opening to abroad. In this respect, some banks operating in our country provide loans to SMEs.

However, the conditions under which these banks provide financing and how the payment terms are should be examined in detail. For this reason, in order to help small and medium-sized enterprises in our country, we have shared the following three banks that provide Fresh Loans and the conditions for granting loans:

Savemoney Bank Fresh Loan

Providing special financing to SMEs up to TL 150 thousand , which provides favorable conditions for the use of loans, Savemoney Bank provides loans with an annual interest rate of 9.9% with the support of BOBBY and FGK. As a commercial and cash loan product, Nefes Kredi has a maximum term of 12 months .

The frequency of payments can be selected monthly and each company has the right to apply only once. If the SME application is rejected even though it has applied for the first time, it may reapply if the financial data improves. Conditions for application by the Bank;

  • To have an enterprise considered as SME,
  • To be a member of BOBBY member chambers and exchanges,
  • Operating in the sectors specified within the scope of Fresh Loan,
  • The entity has been in operation for a minimum of one year as of the date of application.

As with other types of loans, a collateral is requested based on the characteristics of the applicant in order to use the Fresh Loan.

Bobby Bank Fresh Loan

Bobby Bank is among the banks that provide Fresh Loans. Bobby Bank provides collateral support and working capital financing to SMEs that are members of chambers and exchanges. The maximum loan amount granted by the Bank at the beginning of the operation is TL 150 thousand.

This type of loan, which has a maturity of up to 12 months, is extended with 85% FGK guarantee. Since the financing is offered under the name of Bobby Bank / BOBBY Fresh Loan, the companies that will apply to the branches are required to take the membership certificates bearing this phrase from their respective chambers or exchanges.

In addition, Fresh Credit is not given to all enterprises. The sectors that could not benefit from the Freshening campaign are; real estate agents, certified public accountants, pharmacies, financial advisers, exchange offices and kiosks, factoring companies and cooperatives.

In addition, individual persons, in other words, private individuals, cannot apply for the loan. Only SMEs, individual companies, Limited and Joint Stock companies can benefit from this loan.

Rosebank Fresh Loan

Rosebank is the first bank among SMEs to support SMEs within the scope of the Fresh loan project. Because the bank’s officials announced that they would support the tradesmen with the Fresh Loan while the project was being launched. The Fresh Loan , which will be provided to small and medium-sized enterprises, is given to SMEs that employ fewer than 250 employees and have annual turnover of less than TL 40 million.

Rosebank will also take care that the enterprises applying for the loan have been operating for at least one year as of that date based on the date of application. In addition, this type of loan offered to enterprises under the name of Fresh Loan cannot be used within the scope of the previous loans granted by banks.

If you meet all of these conditions and have SME status as a personality type, you can apply for Rosebank Fresh Loan . Lastly, do not forget that the bank reserves the right to request any kind of documents and guarantees after the loan application. Rosebank Credit Guarantee Fund and Finance Chambers and also has the right to change the credit conditions in its agreements with the Association of Exchanges.